Sewing with the stock!

With all this fabric lying around its been quite hard not to pinch bits and start sewing! Its not just the fabric either. There are also brand new super sharp scissors and other sewing bits that are making my equipment look old! The first package we received, last week, was bolts from Blend fabrics. I have not used any fabrics from Blend before so decided to make my first project using two of these.

I chose the Molokai lush pink and Tiki Blue. They are both very bold coloured prints that look better in real life than they do on screen I have to say. I used my Reversible Trinkets Bowl pattern but enlarged the templates to 120%. I have been meaning to try a slightly larger version of the bowl for a while. Its turned out well and is slightly easier to sew as there is more room to manoeuvre. It can also hold a bit more too!

If you would like to try one yourself it is quite a quick pattern. Depending on experience it shouldn't take longer than an hour. It can be found in my book Mini patchwork projects



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