Honeycomb Basket Sewing Pattern (Paper Copy)

Honeycomb Basket Sewing Pattern (Paper Copy)

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I love designing storage items and this one is really sturdy and does the job well! Its perfect for your craft room or bathroom or anywhere around the house really! It has 6 individually shaped pockets for storage all arranged round a central compartment. The handle makes the whole thing portable and easy to turn to get to the bits you want. I have included loads of pictures to help people make the project successfully. Which has taken it to 13 pages! I have set it as an experienced project as there are quite a lot of stages but I have still written each step with less experienced sewers in mind.



hand sewing

sewing darts

sewing a curve

SIZING / FINISHED MEASUREMENTS 5" (13cm) high (without handle) x 14" (36cm) wide